The imperium of man stands strong against whomever would oppose the will of the God Emperor of Man. But as new and old foes alike emerge at its borders, can the outer sectors truly keep the tide of darkness at bay?

Great fires burn, marking a new strife at the hands of a new foe… not from outside but from within. In the Calixis Sector, Pellucida XII, a mining world well known for its rich resources was thrown into brutal warfare as the mutant population suddenly rose up against the good citizens of the imperium, the mutant rabble well armed and organized. This lead to a conflict that lasted 3 years. It was on such a scale that the Deathwatch of the Adeptus Astartes was called in to deal with the genetic abominations. Luckily the righteous forces of the imperium beat down the revolt and stopped many of its leaders from escaping on captured cruisers.
Though the name everyone had on their lips was “Fabian”… and “Change”.

You as players take the role as a Rogue trader and his crew who are among those who suffered great financial losses due to the rebellion. The Imperium faces a grave threat from this Emissiary Fabian and his words of change. But an age of strife is also one of profit and rumors tells of great treasures lying hidden in the Kornus expanse and the deadly warpstorm known as the Screaming vortex. Now it’s up to you to shape your destiny in the 41st millenium of man.

Tide of Change

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