The Calixis Sector- Drusus Marches

The Subsector Drusus Marches in the Calixis sector is where the adventure begins.
The Drusus marches connect the Koronus Expanse with the Imperium and has a myriad of planets, from dead, desolate worlds to decadent pleasure planets.

Its a sector torn asunder by organizations like the Pale Horde inciting mutants to revolt against Imperial rule. Long have the mutants toiled as slaves, but now their rebellions spread strife and misery across entire planets, threatening to destroy the entire sector under the constantly swelling horde that rallies to the banner of the fanatical Emissary Fabian.

Archaos – The planet where the adventure begins. A Hive world of philosophers and various nobles it is the political heart of the subsector. From here governor Mercutio rules the subsector, counseled by the planet’s nobles and the Rogue Traders who profit from its works.

Pellucida IX – A mining world and the birthplace of the rebellion. For six months it was plagued by a dissent that was nothing short of outright war, throwing the operations of the planet into a halt and causing significant economic strife to the many Rogue Traders and nobles who rely upon the planet for their immeasurable wealth. Thankfully, this disgusting outburst of treason was quelled through the intervention of the venerable Adeptus Astartes. Yet all were not crushed, and even now pockets of mutants still hide on it’s surface, eagerly attempting to once more ignite the fires of treason and heresy. Pellucida IX is home to not only a few precious Promethium refineries, but also mines of the infamous adamantine steel, the nigh-indestructible metal upon which the Imperium’s mighty war machine rests. Lastly, it is also one of the rare few homes of the rare and wondrous Protaris crystal, who’s strange electrical properties see use within some of the most exotic and fantastical of Adeptus Mechanicus devices, many of which are never seen nor heard of by those outside its priesthood. Yet even to the common man they are a gift beyond imagining, for a single handful can power an entire hive tower for a week.

Opius Macharious: A mighty Forge world, named after the legendary Saint, Solar Macharius. Though it lacks the reputation of such places as the forges of Lathe or Gunmetal City, it is nonetheless known as a world where many a Rogue Trader garners repairs and refits for their ships before venturing out into the unexplored darkness of the Koronus Expanse.
Important Personalities-Calixis Sector

The Calixis Sector- Drusus Marches

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