Tide of Change

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Archaos adventure log - part 1

This is a rough summation of the adventure so far.

The lord-captain Girden Thorum arrived at his mansion on Archaos after a rather shortlived journey into the expanse, the mutant rebellion on Pellucida IX threatening the entire operation. Should Pellucida IX fall the rogue traders significant riches would suffer greatly, and so he has returned to secure his financials.

Shortly upon arriving it’s decided that information is vital to a quick and decisive solution to the problem. Seneschal Callidon therefore decides to gain important information from and potential allies amongst the scribes on the planet. He brings the Astropath Alice with him, he psychic abilities sure to aid in him his endeavors.

It is quickly learned that Baron Sylon, a rival of captain Thorum, is on the planet. Swift action by the navigator also reveals that it is not the Jeweled Star, Sylus flagship, that he has arrived on. Rather it is the legendary Dreamweaver, an infamous ghost ship that once belonged to Lucius Carden. Carden was once investigated and hunted by the inquisition, but of the three Inquisitors who pursued him, only one survived, his mind destroyed beyond repair.

Following this, a plan formed. One dedicated to finding and eradicating the mutant rebellion, dishonoring Sylus and discovering all the dark secrets of his house.

The first step was to speak to the planetary governor, soliciting both aid and profit for ending the revolt. After taking Girdens personal guncutter to the governors mansion, they quickly gain an audience.

Yet as they enter, none other than Sylon himself exits. After a short bout of verbal sniping, Sylon leaves, and Girden and his retinue go to speak with the governor. Infirm and easily swayed as he is, it doesn’t take much for Mercutio to agree to aid them.

However, as they are leaving, they discover a mutant trying to overpower one of the servants of the house, and quickly dispatch it, yet it quickly becomes apparent that the abomination did not come alone.

The mutant opposition is attempting to kidnap the governor, and so Girden and his retinue rush to the offices of the planetary governor. There they find the abomination and mutant Dekko and his band of mutant fiends, already underway in kidnapping the governor. A firefight breaks out, and it quickly becomes apparent that Girden’s retinue has both superior firepower and the skill to use it. And so, realizing victory is impossible, Dekko kicks the governor out of a window and into the long fall to the hive below. Yet it does him little good, as a blast of plasma from Girden’s pistol blasts him out of it not seconds later. Magos Charon follows, diving out the window and saving the governor’s life with the aid of his trusty grapplehawk.

An investigation into the underhive commences, where it’s discovered that the leaders of the pale throng, the shroud masters, are preaching in the streets, inciting rebellion and uproar. Rumors also seem to speak of a strange, abandoned museum deep in the underhive, said to contain an artifact that would lead to great treasures.

Later on investigation began in the underhive where it was discovored that the leaders of the Pale throng, the shroud masters was preaching and gathering up followers. The group also found out about a ancient museum containing an artifact that would lead one to great treasures.

However, with the suns setting over the planet, they retreat to Girden’s mansion to rest and recover their strength.


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