The Twin Swords


The twin sword are two mastercrafted power swords.

The Purifier is a work of art, with flowing wings at the handle and gracious emeralds set in it’s hilt.

Damnation is covered in spikes, filled with stones that look more like eyes and the obvious mark of the eight pointed star of chaos.

Each gives +10 to weapon skill, deals 1d10 +7 damage with penetration 6 and count as having the power field special quality.
What other abilities they might is currently unknown.


The legends tells of two swords forged by the same man, Kyzaar Bay. Both were forged for the same purpose, to be wielded by one of the Imperium’s greatest heroes, the saint Solar Macharius. Both swords were paragons of the craft, exquisite works of deadly art far beyond reproach by any man. However, as so many times before, fate had plans in store for these weapons far beyond the dreams of their maker.

During transportation from the world upon which they were made, the ship carrying them was attacked by vile reavers, disciples of the Dark Gods. They managed to steal one of the swords, prevented from claiming the other only by the noble sacrifice of their maker, Kyzaar Bay. As he lay dying, the saint Macharius himself came to the great armorer and swore to never carry any blade but the Purifier into battle, to show his gratitude for the selfness act that had cost Kyzaar his life.
However, the swords would not stay separated forever, as they meet once more upon the battlefields of Ayrus I. There, the great forces of the Imperium faced the armies of the dreaded chaos overlord Hzayteth. Here, Solar Macharius faced the overlord in single combat, drawing his blade only to see it’s twin in the grasp of his enemy. Yet it had been twisted by it’s time in the hands of heretics and cultists, warped by the vile energies of the warp and transformed into a dark instrument of the Chaos Lords. The outcome of the duel is not fortold by the legends, only it’s outcome. The traitor Hzayeth was teleported offworld, while the great Saint was found unconscious.

What path these ancient blades took after that is unknown. Both to the legends and to me, my child.

- Elder Meyeth of the Lower Hive

The Twin Swords

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