Terminator-Pattern Bolt Rifle

A patient tool of death

weapon (ranged)

Gm Approved: Yes
Built: Yes

Bolter Rifle (Terminator) | Basic | 500m | S/-/– | 2d10+5 X | Pen 6 | Clip 8 | Rld 2 Full | Tearing, Accurate, Reliable, Omniscope, Silencer, Crippling (3), Proven (4), Special | 12 kg | Unique

For the hands of the Omnissiah: The Terminator is not a weapon built for human hands. While it has a grip, it lacks both a trigger and traditional sight. It is completely designed for a cybernetic user with an MIU implant, and can not be fired without one. Likewise, it is protected using ancient Martian warding rites, and requires a Very Hard (-30) tech-use test to fire if the wielder is not an authorized user.

In the grip of giants: The Terminator is designed to be wielded by Charon, and is thus unusually large and awkward for a normal human. Anybody lacking the Hulking trait (or wearing power) takes a -10 penalty to all ballistic tests using this weapon.

Touch of Death: The strangest feature of the Terminator, however, is it’s cogitator assisted systems. Using an automated tripod system and a limited cogitator core, the weapon may both aim and fire remotely. When set up (using the same rules and limits as Bracing a heavy weapon would, with the limit that it may never have a traverse greater than 90 degrees) the Terminator counts as a cybernetic familiar, and may be remote controlled from afar using an MIU implant. The user may either aim manually, using his own BS with any and all modifiers, or he may simply command it as a free action, in which case it aims and fires on it’s own, using it’s ballistic skill of 35. It is allowed and capable of taking the aim action, and fires using one of it’s own half-actions. This does not count as an attack for the owner.

However, the Terminator is not a true servitor, and possesses no initiative or autonomy of it’s own. It can only be remotely told to fire on a specific target within it’s sights, and will never otherwise fire. It can not be told to patrol, guard or discern between friend and foe. It simply aims and fires when told to do so.


A custom weapon created by the Magos Charon, the Terminator is, put simply, a bolter sniper rifle. However, rather than simply increasing the effective range of the bolter, Charon decided to create a far stranger weapon, one built purely for the hands of Tech-Priests like him. A massive, obsidian bolter in-laid with gold filigree and techno-lingua prayers to the Machine God, it’s a strange weapon devoid of both trigger and sights, instead covered in masterfully integrated omniscopes and pict capture devices.

Terminator-Pattern Bolt Rifle

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