Assault on Sector Six



A dramatization of the mutant uprising on Archaos, rendered almost completely using genuine pict captures from the battle. The Assault on Sector Six focuses on the heroic and brave actions of Lord-Captain Girden Thorum and his loyal retinue as they aid the honorable Adeptus Arbites in repelling the mutant menace. Through sweeping vistas and magnificent battle scenes, it shows not only the righteous fury with which these heroes of the Imperium vanquish the foes, but also the fraying nerves and stress they heroically endure and ignore in their tireless and dedicated service to all of mankind. Though the focus never drifts far from the exploits and deeds of Lord Thorum, it takes it’s time to highlight the actions of every member of his retinue, showing just how awe-inspiring these heroes truly are. Through it’s potrayal of Archmilitant Borgia’s mesmerizing battle dance and Magos Charon’s relentless destruction of heretical engines of war, it portrays the savage fury of the brawl from the very heart of the fight. Yet their acts are nothing compared to the heroic and tide-turning arrival of Seneschal Callidon at the head of a squadron of guncutters, emerging from the smoke of the battle to stem the tide of mutants and aid his brethren. Nor can they hold a torch to the acts of the psyker Alice, the Astropath Transcendent who’s brave and impossible display of power in controlling the very flesh of a Daemon is as inspiring as it is terrifying.

Yet the film is not entirely focused upon the battle itself, electing to also portray the growing attraction a lone female Arbites begins to develop towards the striking figure of Girden Thorum, culminating in her boldly and daringly kissing him as the last shot of his blessed plasma bring an end to the battle and the film alike.

Another edit of the film also exists, albeit purely in the form of a data-compilation of the recordings of the battle and distributed purely within the confines of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This version features none of the dialog or human drama of the official cut, instead being a 10 hour long, multiple perspective data-stream showcasing the firing of weaponry and the death of organics in graphic, intimately lingering slow-motion.

Assault on Sector Six

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