Adjudicator-pattern Bolt Pistol

Bringer of Justice. Giver of Law

weapon (ranged)

Gm Approved: Yes
Built: No

Bolt Pistol (Adjudicator) | Pistol | 50m | S/2/– | 1d10+5 X | Pen 4 | Clip 30 | Rld Full | Tearing, Accurate, Reliable, Special | 4 kg | Near Unique

The Adjudicator is the only bolt pistol capable of firing it’s specially made lawgiver ammunition, and counts as having the Fire-selection weapon upgrade. However, all ammunition draws from the same clip, and it is always considered loaded with the following ammunition:

Sentence: Akin to traditional bolt ammunition, the Sentence mode changes it’s ROF to S/2/6

Execution: A strange and ancient shell, Execution rounds are unerring hunters of their target, twisting in flight and around corners to strike the unjust and unrighteous. This round adds +3 to damage and +1 to penetration. Ballistic Skill Tests for shots that miss at short or standard range may be re-rolled, and the defensive value of any cover for the target is ignored. When firing Execution rounds, the Adjudicator may not be used for Semi-Automatic or Automatic fire.

Absolution: Designed to both cleanse and terrorize, the Absolution fire mode goes beyond mere incendiary rounds, using strange and ancient chymist secrets to create a terrifying blaze that twists and dances in flesh, inflicting unspeakable torments. When fired in Absolution mode, anyone hit must test agility or be set on fire. Furthermore, any ally of a target hit with an Absolution round must make a fear test as if though the wielder of the Adjudicator had a fear rating of 1. When firing Absolution rounds, the Adjudicator may not be used for Semi-Automatic or Automatic fire, and loses the Reliable weapon quality.

Deliverance: Meant to deal with unruly crowds and large groupings of foes, Deliverance ammunition takes the bolt shell’s explosive nature to it’s peak. The Adjudicator decreases it’s damage and penetration by 1, but gains the blast (4) weapon quality while losing the Reliable weapon quality.

Justice: Purposefully cruel and inhumane, Justice rounds exist to ensure none are safe from the verdicts of the Arbites, even if they cower behind armor or shield their heretical souls with mutations and foul xeno flesh. Using potent acids and powerful viruses, Justice rounds change the damage to 2d10 damage with a penetration of 0. Every hit by a Justice round, even if it deals no damage, lowers the target’s AP by 1, to a maximum of 0. This damage persists until repaired, and also effects natural armor. If the target takes any damage, or is reduced to 0 AP, every hit also lowers it’s Toughness Bonus, for the purposes of damage reduction, by 1, to a maximum of 3. This penalty returns at the same pace as wounds do. The Adjudicator also gains the toxic special weapons quality. When firing Justice rounds, the Adjudicator may not be used for Semi-Automatic or Automatic fire.

Any member of the Adeptus Arbites who openly caries an Adjudicator gets a +10 to all interaction tests with other members of the Adeptus Arbites. However, anyone not a member gains a -10 penalty to all interaction rolls with members of the Adeptus Arbties, due to the loathing and hatred they feel over such a weapon not being in the hands of Justice.

This weapon is always of Good-craftmanship or better, and may not be loaded with any ammunition but Lawgiver.


Developed on the Hive-world of Megacia I to meet the demands and desires of the Arbites that maintain it’s iron fisted discipline, the Adjudicator is an ancient marvel of technology. Using specially designed ammunition, the Adjudicator-pattern Bolt pistol is capable of unmatched versatility, aptly able to face the many and varied needs of a Judge or Justicar. Though virtually unknown outside of the Arbites, among them the Adjudicator is a highly prized and greatly coveted weapon, and to this day it’s found almost exclusively upon the hips of the Imperium’s greatest enforcers of Law, if not always Justice.

Adjudicator-pattern Bolt Pistol

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