The Litany Of Hate


The Litany Of Hate

Hull: 35
Speed: 8
Maneuverability: +25
Detection: +15

Essential components:
Gellar field (Keeps the Daemons out)
Jovian pattern class 2 drive (45 power generated)
Voidsmen quarters (here liveth the people)
command bridge (Command Tests by the captain gain +5, all BS rolls to fire ship weapons gain +5)
Vitae pattern life system (Keeps you breathing)
M100 augur ray (No frills Auger Array)
Strelov 2 (1?) Warp engine (Into the Immaterium)

Supplemental Componets:
Compartmentalized Cargo Holds ( +100 Achievement points towards Trade objectives)
Augumented retro thrusters ( +5 to Maneuverability)
Tenebro Maze ( +10 to command tests when defending against Hit & Run and boarding. Critical hits chosen by ship, not attacker)
Observation dome ( +1 Morale, +50 achivement points towards Exploration objectives)
Barracks ( +20 to command for hit & Run and boarding, +100 achievement points towards Military)
Teleportarium (Hit & Run without pilot test, +20 to command test. Teleportation!)
Museum (???)

Mars Pattern Macro cannons (Damage: 1d10+2 Crit Rating: 5 Range: 6)

Turret rating : 2
Shields: 1
Armor : 18
Hull integrity: 35
Space: 40
Space used:37
Power Avaible: 45
Power used: 37
Weapon capacity: dorsal 2
Crew: 92
Morale: 100
Complications: Blasphemous Tencencies (+15 to all navigation tests, -5 to all willpower onboard)
Past history: Death cult (Reduce all morale losses by 2)


The litany of hate. A ship neither grand nor ordinary in any sense. Once it was a vessel in the Service of Battlefleet Cadia, but those days have long since passed. But even then it was a fierce vessel, winning it’s many battles not through mighty weapons or glorious technology, but by the guile of it’s crew and the very vessel’s undying hate for all the enemies of Man.

Yet all that changed more than two millenia ago, when the Litany of Hate fell into the wretched hands of the Red Corsairs, a band of vicious chaos pirates and heretic Space Marines that turned this once holy vessel to the despicable task of raiding the borders of Imperimum space along the dreaded Eye of Terror. Even now the ship’s crew tell these tales, for they claim this was the first time the Litany of Hate tasted the currents of the Warp, and grew accustomed to them…

Yet the fortune of the Red Corsairs would not last, for the fool pirates were too trusting in the ability of their dark gods to sow corruption in the heart of every man. They entrusted the Litany of Hate to the hands of a young, human commander, the fallen sons of the Emperor instead turning their focus towards the savage thrill of battle. And under the lax gaze of this nameless heretic, faith began to flourish once more, the light of the Emperor shining once more upon the lower decks. And in the shadows of this light grew a cult, a fanatical following devoted to the ideals of the Imperium and it’s immortal God-Emperor. Here, amongst the lowest of the low it grew strong, the faith transforming all it touched into unstoppable, unbreakable warriors of the glorious Imperium of Man. These loyalists trained in the arts of stealth and murder, becoming peerless assassins and master thieves, practicing their trade by stealing from the heretics on the decks above. The torture and death that followed failure proved excellent motivation. Yet for all their faith, these loyal men and women of the Imperium lacked one thing… force of personality. Alone they could not rally their fellows into mutiny, and so it didn’t take long for them to seek out those who could.

They found their allies in the most unlikely of places. The kitchens. Here the chefs, kept hostage all, were forced to try and feed the masses of the Litany of Hate with little help from their captors. Eager to join the rebellion, the chefs proved invaluable, their presence across all decks more than enough to recruit every last loyal man, woman and child to the cause. And then, finally, they rose as one. In a single glorious charge against the most hated of mankind’s enemies, the crew stormed the bridge and put every last wretched heretic to the death upon it’s floors. Grabbing hold of the controls, a single man known as Feng Thorum personally steered the ship back into Imperial space, standing vigilant at the helm for ever a week with neither sleep nor sustenance.

For his bravery and heroism, this man was entrusted not only with captaincy of the Litany of Hate, but with the title and deed of Rogue Trader.

The Litany Of Hate

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