Standing no more than a meter tall, Scavenger hardly stands out from the the teeming masses of the Imperiums young. The rough life in the lower hives has left its marks, and she carries plenty of scars and broken nails. She’s missing patches of hair, but does her best to cover up these spots with a dirty, brown bandanna.

She radiates an unusual aura of confidence and world-weary experience, something rarely seen in children her age. This strange air of self-assurance was clearly seen when she dared both approach and tug at the robes of Magos Charon, a man possessed of both an impressive stature and an intimidating presence.

Her clothing is little more than assorted rags sewn together in a patchwork fashion, and Scavenger makes no secret of the vast assortment of pockets and hidden compartments concealed within her attire.



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