Planetary Governor Mercutio


A scrawny man of small stature, Mercutio clothes himself in the most lavish of fineries, desperately attempting to conceal his lack of fashion sense beneath costly coats and extravagantly priced garments.

Apparently middle-aged, Mercutio resorts to outlandish amounts of makeup in a desperate attempt to conceal his pale, unattractive skin behind a wall of garish color. As it stands, the only feature he possesses that could ever attract anyone is the sizable funds within his treasuries.


His attitude is lax, and he lives comfortably under the assumption that he is beloved by both his peers and his populace, an illusion that rings most untrue. Ever since he inherited his title and position following his father’s demise ten years ago, he has been plaguing the subsector with his inept governance and severely lacking leadership. He is decadent and cowardly, prone to sending others to do his duties. His greed and hunger for elevated position renders him eager to make deals and promises, only to find his courage lacking and his enthusiasm wanning as soon as he is required to dirty his hands and pay his dues.

Planetary Governor Mercutio

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