Max Borgia

Lanky female w/ Dark copper stained skin, long black hair and she hasnt really decided on an eye color yet.


She isn’t very tall but neither very short, she thinks she is just perfect height. Though it can be a disadvantage when the ‘men’ (as in both genders) she is commanding often stand taller then her.
Her visage seem to be the play of a geneticist somewhere in her ancestry as her skin is stained dark copper, her hair black and no one know her true eye color. In short she stands out a bit.
Her choice of clothing is not as flamboyant as some of her crew mates but then again she doesn’t really care. She tend to wear dark colors in tight fitting design with various weapons about her person, some even visible.


Not much has come up about her background, she is from a upper hive family (some might even call it nobility, she never does). She has served in the military in some capacity and she really like edged weapons.

She is currently struggling with the task of getting used to her new pet Grey.

Max Borgia

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