She is of average size and matted blonde hair. Her looks are rugged and worn due to living her entire life on the supposedly dead world of Vigil. Several scars align her face but she still a rough beuty about her . Like a desert flower in a storm of sand.She is dressed up in a wornout Adeptus Soritas power armor she inherited by her grandmother. She wields a home made hallberd.


Eleanor is the protector and leader of her small band of survivors. Her grandmother was a adeptus soritas stationed here and led the people into the caverns a the imperial command deciced to rid the world of its chaos taint directing the hit directly on the nearby temple of Khorne.
She is also the ward of the young girl Tisha who shows signs of great psychic powers and her prophesies never failed.
She hopes that Girden will help her tribe .. though she doesnt know much off the world outside besides the glory of the Emperor.


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