At almost 10 feet tall, Dekko was a monstrosity of mutated muscle and warp-tainted flesh. With dark skin adorned with rows upon rows of spikes of sharpened bone alongside a maw filled with shark-like teeth, the four-eyed mutant was a menace to behold.

His dress as brutish as he was, Dekko’s only real attire was a tattered, desecrated military vest, no doubt looted from a loyal soldier of the Imperium foolish enough to think it safe to relieve himself in an alley.


One of the leaders of the mutant rebellion, he foolishly tried to kidnap the governor, only to be foiled and brutally slain by the retinue of Lord-Captain Thorum.

He hated mankind with fanatical glee, quick and eager to join the cause of the shroudmasters. Yet for all their heresy, they seemed capable of cooling Drekko’s hateful heart, turning the once savage bully into a far more tender being, at least as far as other mutants was concerned. Alas his newly discovered love of his fellow mutant did not stretch to encompass the untainted, as his desire to kill his hostages rather than let them go free so aptly demonstrates.


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