Baron Sylon


Roughly 5,7 feet tall , Baron sylon is a 38 year old white male with matted and greasy dark brown hair. Many years of travel shows clearly at his face as he looks more older then he truly is. He dresses in officer naval uniform most of the timebut its covored in his dynastys symbols rather then the fleet.


Most know Sylon as a man who has tried to keep his family name clean of his grandfathers legacy of heresy. During his many travels as a well respected and loyal Rogue trader to the Imperial creed the mysterious pirate attacks which was paid off by Rogue trader Girden. After a lengthy period the two developed a fiendish rivaly against eachother.

During the events on Archaos , he was believed and declared heretic by the oafish governor at the behest of Captain Girden. It was later realised that Sylons Grandfather was indeed alive and taken his family and all relatives with him. He was soon leaving off to safe his family but was boarded and brutally murdered by Girden where his inner circle decides to blow the poor mans corpse apart.


Baron Sylon

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