Baron Nihilus


A tall man of significant age, the baron sports a modest but well-kept beard that has long since grown white, just like what little hair remains upon his head. More distinctly, the Lord-Baron sports a noticeable but exceptionally well-crafted cybernetic eye. Though he has long since retired from his service in the navy, he still proudly wears the very same uniform he wore then, his trusted naval blade never far from his side.


A noble of truly staggering wealth, the Baron lays claim to many of Pelliucida IX mines. These mines provide him with enough wealth to rival even that of many Rogue Trader dynasties, but it’s centralized nature renders it precarious.

Despite his advancing years, the baron is no fool. His previous war efforts has granted him strong support from the nobles, and his generosity and care has likewise earned him some degree of respect from both the upper and lower hives. However, when word reached him of the mutant revolts, the Baron grew furious, and personally stepped unto Pellucida IX with his guard to set things right. He has recently returned to his home, only to find it besieged by the very same menace he just helped end.

Baron Nihilus

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